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This is me!

I am an experienced business and enterprise architect that has a deep technical background from 14 years at Ericsson, many years of working with complex enterprise software solutions and the last 15 years working as a senior management consultant within ICT related areas. I started as a software developer and Project Manager working with military products and has since had roles such as Global Product Manager @ Ericsson Global Services Telecom Management, Industry Analyst covering the ICT market in the Nordics @ IDC, CTO for DCX in Scandinavia @ Capgemini Sweden,  Head of Center of Excellence Enterprise Architecture for Innovation and Emerging Technologies across all industries @Capgemini. Practice Manager for Architecture and Business Consulting @ Sigma, Business Developer of B2B solutions for large enterprises and many more. To name a few projects, I worked as a Business Architect in a huge transformation program at a large international bank, the chief architect of the management solution at a global satellite service provider, Lead Enterprise Architect for a huge Swedish government authority and has many years of working with innovation and product management. You can read more what I have done in my resume.

After many years and lots of ideas I finally started and co-founded Bridgit Technologies AB, a proptech startup that develops process-oriented platforms, solutions and services for the smart city with a focus on the property management industry. We believe in building value, ecosystems and are actively working to create a marketplace for the smart city with a strong partner strategy.

You can also find more details about me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanhallberg/

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