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After three very intense and interesting years at IDC, I’ve now decided to continue my blog again. It was just too intense to update my blog during that time. I also had a major issue with the site provider with the result that my blog got offline for a long time. This is now fixed. 

I will try to post more often again, with a clear focus on my own personal reflections of technology, customer experience and business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me here, on Twitter, on LinkedIn or through Expert Connect.

Customer experience needs focus to create reward

Customer experience IT is booming on the vendor side, as their clients faces harder competition and would like to build stronger customer loyalty. It’s just not enough with loyalty cards anymore. The customer experience has to be consistent through the different channels and make use of all available data that has about that customer. But it quite often fail. I have two quite bad examples of customer experiences that I myself have recently experienced. I do have two good ones too, but let’s start with the bad ones.

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A new chapter @ IDC

The last couple of weeks has been the start of something new, a new chapter for me; I’ve joined IDC as their Research Manager for IDC Nordic IT Services and part of the EMEA Service team. I will also cover Customer Experience IT (CXIT) and of course I’ll cover some Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and innovation. You find a press release from 14th of January about it.

My analyst profile with latest research can be reached here and on the IDC Nordic site you can see information about our services as well as our events that I’m going to present at and much more.

A reader of my blog will know that innovation is something that I have a passion for and I will explore that in my mission at IDC. My eyes right now are on the startup community in the Nordics and particularly in Stockholm (being my home and all). It’s very intriguing to see how startups grow fast, and seeing a whole community doing it? Fascinating doing you agree? Have a look at STHLM Tech and you see what I mean. Tyler Crowley does a great job baking a “startup cake”. More about this will I talk about later, I promise you that!

I will also continue to blog here and I hope that I will even be able to blog more than before.


Crowdfunding the space? No, it’s a simulator! Or well, its really just a game. But what a game it will become!

Have you ever thought of crowdfunding an idea that you have? And when you do it, is it about a virtual universe? Chris Roberts did so about a year ago when he showed the world that he is going to develop a game called “Star Citizen“. This game will simulate a universe where you can live, fight, trade, make money, even die and rise again as a reincarnation of your previous life. Does it sounds boring and not for you? Some kind of boring game that can’t make money? Think again! This is already a huge success – largest crowdfunded project all categories ever – and worth understanding why it has become so huge.

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Disruptive technologies is a fearsome beast in the age of the customer

Are you interested in disruptive technologies? Of course you are, or at least you should be! And you would like to know more about both what disruptive technologies are happening right now and what kind of disruptive technology that we can expect looking forward? Yes, but so what? We are in the age of the customer, of rapid changes of customer behavior and technology that doesn’t “behave” the way we are used to. So we need to think ahead and understand the trends and the mechanisms behind them. But where do we start?

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Mobile health is not about mobile phones or even apps, it’s about creating systems.

Last week I went to Mobile Health Summit 2013 (here translated into english using Google Translate) here in Stockholm. It was really mainly about 12 different “mini cases” where different large and small companies showed their innovations/products and a great panel discussion afterwards. The main common thing with all the cases was not really about the mobile apps or even mobile phones. Yes, it was there, but the main thing regarding each and every case was its service setup. What is an app without its service? A game? Or something that just takes MB of space in your phone? Of course you say, it has to be filled with a content and have a purpose. A mobile health system is somewhat different than an app…

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A new Enterprise Architecture page and list of sites. Please add more relevant sites to it.

One of my passions is to work with Enterprise Architecture. On my new page Enterprise Architecture I have started a list of great sites and/or information about this subject. I will also start to blog more about it on a more regular basis and combine it with innovation and other thoughts on how to combine it with corporate things.

I believe that Enterprise Architecture is best described as the way to architect an enterprise much like a house; where you describe the purpose of the “house”, setup the base, pluming, walls and much more. To do this for an enterprise is of course much different then building a house, but much is the same it’s just other building blocks.

For me, Enterprise Architecture is about how to strategize, the planning, the execution and the analysis of a business and its environment that it operates in. It’s about how to build a lasting model that works in its execution when it’s scaled up! A lasting company in todays fast changing world has to be good at its change management, find new business models and rethink its goals often. A great company needs to do this year after year, decade after decade and be on top of its self always looking in the mirror and see what can be done better. At the same time continue to focus on its customer service and innovate faster than yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Apple‘s Think different ad campaign (see below read by the late Steve Jobs). Dare to think different, but do it smart and wisely with a plan.

Need to get inspired and want to act? Listen to this great TED Talk by Simon Sinek!

We all need to get inspired. Nothing new with that. This post contains nothing new either, but it does contain something that no leader should miss. Sometimes we need to get more inspired then usually, sometimes just because it helps clear your thoughts. At this quite famous TED Talk, given by Simon Sinek, he has “decoded” why some companies and/or leaders succeed and others don’t. Right or wrong, I do like the approach he is taking. It inspires me, maybe you too?

Did you got inspired? Then I would recommend you to also have a look at

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