I’m excited to tell you…

…that I have been selected and invited into the Forbes Technology Council  – an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives – and now it’s official that I am joining it! I’m honoured to have been selected and are looking forward to this challenge.

As I joins other Forbes Tech Council members, who all are hand-selected, I will  become part of a curated network of successful peers and get access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources, including the opportunity to submit thought leadership articles and short tips on industry-related topics for publishing on Forbes.com.

I’ve already been featured in two articles on Forbes where I’ve shared some short tips on two subjects; Eight Approaches Tech Executives Can Use To Strengthen Management Skills and When Seeking Top Tech Candidates, Look For These Eight Aspects.

I’m going to start to write a thought leadership piece a month about the impact of Emerging Technology in general, with innovation strategies and use cases in Nordic/European as focus areas. We will see how it develops, but I’m sure that the great people @ Forbes.com  and I will work it out.

Listen to my latest podcast on digital culture, innovation and change

This week Frank Wammes (CTO Continental Europe @ Capgemini) and I recorded a podcast on Digital Culture, Digital Transformation and Innovation. Towards the end we also discussed the opening of the Applied Innovation Exchange in Stockholm that soon takes place. Very exciting news!

You can of course find it on SoundCloud or iTunes, but now I’ve also added a podcast page here on this blog. The page is dedicated to my latest appearances in podcasts on technology, innovation and related subjects. I will record more like these later and of course you be the first to know.

I hope that you find the podcast valuable. Please let me know what you think with a comment below and please share it if you liked it.

Back online with my blog

After three very intense and interesting years at IDC, I’ve now decided to continue my blog again. It was just too intense to update my blog during that time. I also had a major issue with the site provider with the result that my blog got offline for a long time. This is now fixed. 

I will try to post more often again, with a clear focus on my own personal reflections of technology, customer experience and business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me here, on Twitter, on LinkedIn or through Expert Connect.

A new chapter @ IDC

The last couple of weeks has been the start of something new, a new chapter for me; I’ve joined IDC as their Research Manager for IDC Nordic IT Services and part of the EMEA Service team. I will also cover Customer Experience IT (CXIT) and of course I’ll cover some Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and innovation. You find a press release from 14th of January about it.

My analyst profile with latest research can be reached here and on the IDC Nordic site you can see information about our services as well as our events that I’m going to present at and much more.

A reader of my blog will know that innovation is something that I have a passion for and I will explore that in my mission at IDC. My eyes right now are on the startup community in the Nordics and particularly in Stockholm (being my home and all). It’s very intriguing to see how startups grow fast, and seeing a whole community doing it? Fascinating doing you agree? Have a look at STHLM Tech and you see what I mean. Tyler Crowley does a great job baking a “startup cake”. More about this will I talk about later, I promise you that!

I will also continue to blog here and I hope that I will even be able to blog more than before.


A new Enterprise Architecture page and list of sites. Please add more relevant sites to it.

One of my passions is to work with Enterprise Architecture. On my new page Enterprise Architecture I have started a list of great sites and/or information about this subject. I will also start to blog more about it on a more regular basis and combine it with innovation and other thoughts on how to combine it with corporate things.

I believe that Enterprise Architecture is best described as the way to architect an enterprise much like a house; where you describe the purpose of the “house”, setup the base, pluming, walls and much more. To do this for an enterprise is of course much different then building a house, but much is the same it’s just other building blocks.

For me, Enterprise Architecture is about how to strategize, the planning, the execution and the analysis of a business and its environment that it operates in. It’s about how to build a lasting model that works in its execution when it’s scaled up! A lasting company in todays fast changing world has to be good at its change management, find new business models and rethink its goals often. A great company needs to do this year after year, decade after decade and be on top of its self always looking in the mirror and see what can be done better. At the same time continue to focus on its customer service and innovate faster than yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Apple‘s Think different ad campaign (see below read by the late Steve Jobs). Dare to think different, but do it smart and wisely with a plan.

It’s about time – act!

It’s about time to use this page in a much better way then what I have done. Perhaps even start to use it at all??

I have not really used my site in a while. Life takes time, it is time! So, from now on I will update this site a little bit more often. It will not be all the time, it will be when I have things to share… And of course, time to spend.

I’m starting with a new design and site. The old one was OLD! I hope that you like it? It’s just a start, more will come.

See you soon!



A new site for my personal thoughts about anything, really…

Welcome dear friends!

This is my personal site, about my life, my thoughts, my world. I will not use to discuss the weather, not really all details about my life and most probably not about any really deep things.. Or maybe I will. It will be in English, it will be in Swedish. It wouldn’t be in German, as I have more or less forgotten that… Too bad really, but that’s part of life. You have to prioritise! I have to anyway. Don’t you?? Other languages? Use tools such as Google translator! Great stuff!

Now, why start a blog? I have one already you might say (if you know, not many does…). But that one is not just me… It’s also about 2Lance.net. Great though. This one IS about me! More or less anyway.

So now I have 2 blogs, I can’t even write one! But I love to write! I will do it even more! That’s why I have this one too. And here I will add lots of fun stuff. Things that make me laugh, and I hope you too. But this first post will be boring. Sorry about that, but I need to try out this WordPress thing too… YES, I am an IT nerd sometimes! Yes I like new software! Yes I Know it’s boring to some.. I don’t care! I am writing this for myself because I love to write, to share and sometimes others like what I write about…

So why don’t you let me entertain you? Like this?

Life is short, I know it’s important to live it. And both entertain as well as being entertained. And of course to be honest,  helpful and loving. That’s important to me! As my family, friends, co-workers, people I have forgotten (sorry!) and friends I don’t know, YET! So, here you will find out more and more about me… You will find helpful stuff. Help me to help you. Ok?!?

CU later my dear friends! I’ll be back…

Yours truly,