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One of my passions is to work with Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture can be described as the way to architect an enterprise much like a house; where you describe the purpose of the “house”, setup the base, pluming, walls and much more. To do this for an enterprise is of course much different then building a house, but much is the same it’s just other building blocks.

For me, Enterprise Architecture is about how to strategize change, the planning, the execution and the analysis of a business and its environment that it operates in. It’s about how to build a lasting model that works in its execution when it’s scaled up! A lasting company in todays fast changing world has to be good at its change management, find new business models and rethink its goals often. A great company needs to do this year after year, decade after decade and be on top of its self always looking in the mirror and see what can be done better. At the same time continue to focus on its customer service and innovate faster than yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Apple‘s “The Crazy Ones” ad campaign. Dare to think different, but do it smart and wisely with a plan.

Share(!) resources and knowledge

There are of course lots of different views of how to practice Enterprise Architecture and for that reason I’m putting together a list of valuable resources that I think might help. Please feel free to comment this list and please add sites that you think are valuable to others too.

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