Listen to my latest podcast on digital culture, innovation and change

This week Frank Wammes (CTO Continental Europe @ Capgemini) and I recorded a podcast on Digital Culture, Digital Transformation and Innovation. Towards the end we also discussed the opening of the Applied Innovation Exchange in Stockholm that soon takes place. Very exciting news!

You can of course find it on SoundCloud or iTunes, but now I’ve also added a podcast page here on this blog. The page is dedicated to my latest appearances in podcasts on technology, innovation and related subjects. I will record more like these later and of course you be the first to know.

I hope that you find the podcast valuable. Please let me know what you think with a comment below and please share it if you liked it.

CIO Trend 2018 from IDG

Catch me as I will be speaking at the CIO Trend 2018 event. I will be talking about Digital culture, Digital talents and how that affects our organizations with some examples and recommendations.

Digital culture and tech tools needs to work as a team! But how?

Innovation without cultural transformation is like doing something without thinking – the result is most likely a mess, but you could get lucky! Is the risk worth it? Don’t you need a growing and changing culture – yet planned – instead of a rigid and “No, can’t do!” culture? A new culture needs bright people and an environment that they can work, with the best tools and leadership collaborating as a team.

At this speech I will be talking about digital culture, relate it to hands-on innovation and tech based on applied innovation at our customers mixed with research by Capgemini and MIT.

CIO Trend is a kickstart for Sweden’s CIOs, where the visitors describe CIO Trend, our popular day of celebration, performed for the ninth consecutive year. Here are the leading CIOs share their strategies and priorities for the coming year. The exchange of experiences in the breaks is as important as what happens on the stage.

CIO Trend brings together Sweden’s most important IT decision makers, CIOs, IT directors, IT managers, CTOs and IT and business architects. Participants come from large and medium-sized businesses in both the private and public sectors.

An excellent opportunity for connecting new contacts, as well as maintaining existing ones.