What is a fika and why are startups successful in Stockholm?

In our next podcast on #innovation, #technology and #digitaltransformation Frank Wammes (www.twitter.com/fwammes) and myself are talking about the startup scene in Stockholm and innovation. As our very special guest Inanna Lallerstedt from Nodified (www.linkedin.com/company/nodified/ ) joins the conversation to share her first hand experience. Nodified is an early-stage startup, that enables communication without requiring cellphone reception or the use of Wi-Fi, offering a seamless solution to large organisations suffering from congested cellular networks or deficient telecom infrastructure.

One of the concepts we talked about is Swedish fika, a major reason why Swedes and its companies are successful… Or is it something else? Listen in and we might give you some new thoughts on the subject.

And of course, also talking about innovation and the opening of the Applied Innovation Exchange in Stockholm on the 12th of April 2018. I’m excited! More on this will I share soon.

I hope you enjoy the episode and I would be really happy if You comment back to me with your comments, suggestions or your own experiences on the discussed subjects.