A new site for my personal thoughts about anything, really…

Welcome dear friends!

This is my personal site, about my life, my thoughts, my world. I will not use to discuss the weather, not really all details about my life and most probably not about any really deep things.. Or maybe I will. It will be in English, it will be in Swedish. It wouldn’t be in German, as I have more or less forgotten that… Too bad really, but that’s part of life. You have to prioritise! I have to anyway. Don’t you?? Other languages? Use tools such as Google translator! Great stuff!

Now, why start a blog? I have one already you might say (if you know, not many does…). But that one is not just me… It’s also about 2Lance.net. Great though. This one IS about me! More or less anyway.

So now I have 2 blogs, I can’t even write one! But I love to write! I will do it even more! That’s why I have this one too. And here I will add lots of fun stuff. Things that make me laugh, and I hope you too. But this first post will be boring. Sorry about that, but I need to try out this WordPress thing too… YES, I am an IT nerd sometimes! Yes I like new software! Yes I Know it’s boring to some.. I don’t care! I am writing this for myself because I love to write, to share and sometimes others like what I write about…

So why don’t you let me entertain you? Like this?

Life is short, I know it’s important to live it. And both entertain as well as being entertained. And of course to be honest,  helpful and loving. That’s important to me! As my family, friends, co-workers, people I have forgotten (sorry!) and friends I don’t know, YET! So, here you will find out more and more about me… You will find helpful stuff. Help me to help you. Ok?!?

CU later my dear friends! I’ll be back…

Yours truly,