This is Johan

Johan Hallberg is working @ Capgemini as CTO Digital Customer Experience in Scandinavia with Innovation and Emerging Technologies at the CTO Office in Scandinavia where he also is the Head of Center of Excellence Enterprise Architecture.

Johan is also working with the concept of Applied Innovation Exchange with customers from all industries and sectors extending Capgemini’s ecosystems of startups, universities, partners and more across Sweden and the Nordics, with a clear goal of adding value to all involved parties. He is part of the global AIE Network with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

With a techy business mind Johan is focused on extending Cepgemini’s clients value proposition, finding solutions to business and IT pains – always looking at WHY we humans do as we do, HOW we can apply technology/innovation and new business models and WHAT business benefits and value the newest technology will bring to the table.

Johan is a frequent public speaker at public and private industry events.

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